Alex edmonds



"One of today’s rising stars in CCM/worship music, Alex Edmonds has previously wowed us with her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look At You”, when she released The Pink EP a couple of years ago. Now, the independent singer/songwriter released her latest batch of songs, the indiegogo funded EP A Beautiful Rescue. While her previous music sounded more pop, this release certainly has Alex expanding her palate and repertoire into more adventurous and dynamic music styles. With a sound similar to Needtobreathe, All Sons and Daughters, Brooke Fraser and Leeland especially on this release, and a powerful voice reminding me of Britt Nicole, Joy Williams and Moriah Peters; this under-the-radar- EP shouldn’t be treated as such. This EP should be savoured, as it’s one of the currently unsung treasures of 2014 so far!

Definitely coming out of left field, Alex Edmonds’ 5 song EP is one to check out, but it’s something that one should put on in the background at all. This EP demands total attention, and then you’ll see why I am excited about Alex’s musical future. With all 5 songs showing a different side musically, thematically and vocally of Alex, yet all 5 being interlinked with the overarching theme of God being sovereign, faithful and loving us; I encourage you not to wait or hesitate. Buy, or at least listen to A Beautiful Rescue EP- you’ll be glad you did afterwards."

Joshua Andre - [365 Days of Inspiring Media]

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